Riotous Fun Writing A Script

A group of local people met for the second time this month to share research and ideas for a community drama  that  will tell the story of one of the  Droxfordians who was involved in the 1830 Hampshire Swing Riots.

Having  unearthed a news article dating several years prior to 1830, the group were able to piece together an event involving William Cobbett , a politician who would later support the rioters,  and Jesse Burgess his employee, which shines  a light on the character of both protagonists who would cross paths some years later during the Swing Riots.

After much discussion about the news report the group were able to ‘flesh out’ the bones of a story and the possible genres in which it could be presented. All agreed that there was an opportunity to create a piece that would be entertaining as well as informative.

The evening ended with everyone going off to think about the script and some people agreeing to write lines!

The next meeting will be Thursday 16th May , 7pm at Wilfrid’s Cafe in Droxford Church Annexe.

It’s not too late to join in the fun. Everyone is welcome.