Hampshire Swing Riots- Community Led Drama Production

Monday 24/6/24


Talk about coincidences!

Hampshire Swing Riot Drama group have been working diligently and have produced a script for performance which tells the story of an incident involving a young Droxford lad, Jesse Burgess, who later became one of the Swing Rioters who appeared at the Winchester assizes in 1830 and was found guilty.

Little did Jesse Burgess know that William Cobbett the man who treated him abysmally as his employer would, some 15 years later,  be the champion of the agricultural worker, playing a key role in the Winchester trials by highlighting the plight of the farmworkers and the dreadful conditions inflicted on them by the landowners whom they worked for.

Liz Weston , who is directing the drama piece has brought the story to life with a sprinkling of irony, farce and pantomime. 

We are still looking for people who want to become involve. The drama piece will be shown on Saturday 14th September. Venue to be confirmed.