Messages of Support 2014-2019


During the building of the Community Hub, the Friends of Droxford Church received messages of support from a wide range of people and organisations:

The developments at St Mary and All Saints Droxford will help to keep the church available as a hospitable Christian place for all, keeping the doors open and the building accessible for future generations. Droxford church will be at the centre of community life as a place for concerts, community groups, a wide range of events and of course for worship.
The Rt Revd Christopher Foster, Bishop of Portsmouth

“I am delighted to learn about the formation of the Friends of Droxford Church with the vision of restoring this beautiful Church to the centre of their village community in the 21st Century. This initiative is supported by the Rector and the Parochial Church Council, and I hope it will encourage the community and congregations to work together to increase the use of the church buildings and facilitate fresh expressions of faith in the Meon Valley.”
The Venerable Gavin Collins, Archdeacon of the Meon

“Following the award of a first round pass from the Heritage Lottery Fund to the PCC in partnership with FODC to create a community hub and heritage centre, Droxford Parish Council commends the PCC and FODC’s efforts in developing  a valuable village resource unique in the Meon Valley.

The PCC and Friends are to be congratulated on their aim to restore the Church, and to bring together community needs of the past with those of the present, by creating a thriving Community and Heritage Centre.

The Church was at the heart of the community for centuries, a cherished place of worship for residents then and now. The creation of a Community and Heritage Centre will provide a unique educational and cultural facility for Droxford and the Meon Valley.”     Barbara Chandler, Chair of Droxford Parish Council

“I am delighted to hear that the Droxford Church Community & Heritage Project has succeeded in being awarded a ‘first round pass’ by the Heritage Lottery Fund and I look forward to attending your ‘Open Meeting’ on 20th November”                                                     Roger Huxstep, County Councillor for the Meon Valley Division, Hampshire County Council

“Congratulations to the team on the news that the project to restore and enhance Droxford Church has passed the first hurdle in the quest for Lottery Funding.  It is such a worthwhile cause, and will benefit the entire village of Droxford.  The church is unique and very precious, and is at the heart of the whole community.  I welcome this announcement, and hope to hear more good news in the future.                                                                                         Caroline Dibden, former Councillor, Winchester City Council

“With the success of the Droxford Church Community Hub and Heritage Project winning Heritage Lottery Fund support, the South Downs National Park Authority looks forward to adding value and assisting in the positive outcomes for this thriving community in the Meon Valley”                                      Nick Heasman, Western Area Manager, South Downs National Park Authority

“I welcome the initiative of the Friends of Droxford Church to improve the facilities in the Church building which we use for some of the most significant events in our calendar. Their project can bring significant benefits for the children of our school.” Matthew Dampier, Headteacher, Droxford Junior School

“Over a number of years, Droxford Country Fair Committee has been delighted to support the Friends of Droxford Church (FODC) with funding assistance from the proceeds of our key annual community event.  It has been gratifying to see their plans coming together, including completion of the North Door and disabled access project.  We look forward to continuing to support FODC year by year, in their entirely fitting plan to create a Community Hub in the church.                                                   Mary Hornby-Patterson, Chair, Droxford Country Fair Committee

“The Droxford Village Hall fully supports the Friends of Droxford Church initiative to improve the church facilities which, when combined with those of the village hall, will offer Droxford an excellent range of venues for a wide variety of different functions.”
Tim Crowfoot, Chairman, Droxford Village Hall

“I am delighted to be a patron of this community initiative to restore and develop the church at the centre of Droxford. We share a vision of enhancing the church to enable its use by a wider variety of local groups and it is encouraging to see the parish coming together to revitalise this wonderful building with its Norman origins for the 21st Century.”
Ben Stoneham, Lord Stoneham of Droxford, Patron of FODC

“I am delighted to support this very worthwhile venture to re-establish this beautiful Norman church at the heart of the community of Droxford.  Here in London, Westminster Hall is, to me, a constant reminder of the uses that these ancient buildings have been put to over the centuries.  I imagine that in the past St Mary’s and All Saints’ had just such a rich tapestry of use, and I very much hope it will again in the future. The Friends of Droxford Church is a new and very exciting initiative to provide the facilities that are so badly needed if the building is going to realise this vision, and I wish everyone involved the very best of luck”
George Hollingbery, Member of Parliament for Meon Valley, Patron of FODC

“I certainly support the Community of Droxford in making their Church a hub for Community Activity alongside the Droxford Village Hall.  I have attended many events in both Hambledon Church and the Village Hall so I know that both establishments can co-exist harmoniously.  I wish the Friends of Droxford Church well in their endeavours and certainly intend to become a member of the Friends.”                                                                                                                       Tony Coates, former Councillor, Winchester City Council

“The church building is of value to the whole community, irrespective of whether or not one attends Sunday worship.  I welcome the proposed enhancements to the building and hope that it will continue to be a focal point of village life.”
Colin Matthissen, former Chairman of Droxford Parish Council