Wilfrid’s Cafe at the Droxford Community Hub

Update April 2022

Wilfrid’s Cafe is now open – serving excellent coffee and cakes – five days each week:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday mornings
  • Saturday afternoon – serving soup lunches

For details of opening hours visit the Wilfrid’s website www.wilfrids.org

For latest inmformationa nd updates visit our Facebook page @coffeeshopdroxford.

Strict COVID-Safety rules are in place at all times.


Update April 2020

Owing to the CoronaVirus Pandemic and Government restrictions, Wilfrid’s Cafe is now closed.  We plan to re-open as soon as conditions allow.  For the latest information please visit Wilfrid’s Facebook page.

Update February 2020

Wilfrid’s Cafe opened its doors on January 6th 2020 – an auspicious day traditionally associated with Epiphany, the showing of Jesus to the three Wise Men.  Likewise our Cafe will enable us to show our hospitality to all visitors to the Meon Valley, especially walkers and cyclists. Starting cautiously, opening just three afternoons a week (Monday, Thursday and Friday) the first months trading has exceeded our expectations, despite the most inauspicious weather.

Feedback from visitors has been full of praise – ‘ so pleased dogs are welcome’; ‘loved the heritage display – complemented my visit to the D-day Museum’; ‘very friendly’; ‘warm and welcoming’; ‘I try to come once a week’; ‘best coffee in the Meon valley – where can I buy the beans?’.

Volunteers are enjoying it too – typically a team leader (barista-trained) and two assistants.  We are always looking for more people to join our volunteer team – its a friendly and  sociable way to meet people.  We provide all the training – including hygiene and barista.  If you are interested please contact Margaret Wallace by email: mandrw@hotmail.co.uk  or visit www.wilfrids.org.

Do come and visit us – and try our coffee or tea and cakes.  We are looking forward to seeing you.

Community Hub – Update

Droxford Community Hub and Heritage Centre

We launched our Appeal for £75,000 in October, and following the tremendous response to the Gift Day in December, we were able to appoint a contractor in January and start building the Community Hub annex. Progress has been rapid and the construction phase is nearly complete, with the flint walls and pitched roof blending well with the existing building and attracting favourable comments from passers-by.

Our Appeal has raised nearly £60,000, or 80% of our target.  Very many thanks to all those families and individuals who have generously donated so far – without you we would not have been able to complete the construction phase. The Appeal will remain open until the target of £75,000 is reached, to fund fitting out and equipping the Community Café and the Heritage Centre.  For those who want to donate to our Appeal, please visit our Become a Friend page.

In addition to individual donors we also gratefully acknowledge the grants received from the Hampshire County Council, Garfield Weston Foundation, Allchurches Trust, Headley Trust, Droxford PCC, and the Droxford Country Fair. 

Droxford Country Fair, Saturday 1st June

Both the Friends and the PCC will be supported the Country Fair on Saturday 1st June, and the Rector presided over a ‘ribbon cutting’ ceremony to mark the completion of the construction phase of the Community Hub Annex. 

Wilfrid’s – the Café on the Meon

On Fair Day, Wilfrid’s Café volunteers served tea and biscuits in the North Chapel to give a foretaste of what the Café will offer and receive feedback. Our plan is to open the Café regularly in the late autumn and use September and October for training and trial openings on selected weekends. 

Volunteers for all roles, baking, serving, coffee-making, cleaning etc are invited.  Training will be provided where necessary.  Please send your name, email and type of interest to Margaret Wallace at mandrw@hotmail.co.uk 

Heritage Centre

The Heritage Centre is designed to display the history of Droxford’s church and community from Saxon times to the 20th Century.  Highlights will include John of Drockensford, Chancellor of England in the early 14th Century, and Churchill’s visit to Droxford Railway Station before D-Day in 1944. 

Panels describing the D-Day story and Churchill’s historic visit were exhibited on Fair Day, together with DVD recordings of local memories and historic footage from Droxford’s celebration of the 70th Anniversary of D-Day in 2014.  

The Heritage Centre proposals which were presented at the public consultation held in March 2017 were displayed in the church on Fair Day, and further public comment invited.  Please contact Michael Chandler (mjchand110@gmail.com) if would like to volunteer to help or make a donation to the Heritage Centre.

Community Hub and Heritage Centre Appeal

Progress Update – October 2018

Although August is sometimes a quiet month we have taken advantage of the fine weather to make good progress on the Community Hub project. The archaeological excavation is complete and the reports have been submitted to the Winchester City historic environment authorities.  After consultation with the structural engineer, the decision was made to build foundations for the new annex based on a piling construction, and to go to tender for the superstructure during September.  The north chapel has already been prepared for transformation into a community room, and the planned volunteer-run Café. 

A model of the church with the new annex on the North side:

At the time of this update, the contractor has completed foundations and laid a reinforced concrete slab to support the superstructure.  There will now be a pause while the final round of fund-raising begins in early October, and we review the responses to the tender invitation for the above-ground works.


The cost of these works is likely to be in the region of £240,000.  We have approximately £165,000 in the bank or pledged, so we need to raise another £75,000.  A fund-raising campaign to close the gap will be launched in October when full details will be published in the church and on our website.   A contribution of £50 will enable the donor to have their name in a book, should they so wish, a donation of a £1000 means their name will go on a board in the new Church annex.   

Forfurther details of 2018 Community Hub and Heritage Centre Appeal please go to our Donate page

or click on the button below:
Visit our event page on BT MyDonate

Community Hub Progress Update – August 2018

The large excavation in the picture is the result of the archaeological work successfully completed to satisfy the conditions necessary before building work on the Community Hub at Droxford Church could begin. This survey yielded good news that the build can go ahead with even less intrusion into the ground of the churchyard than originally thought.  In early September you will see the hole disappear as the piles for the building are put in and the raft on which it will rest is completed.  Once this phase of the project is complete the work on the building itself can begin. We are waiting for quotes for this next phase at present.

Over a period of five years FODC has been raising funds; firstly to secure the fabric of the church to prevent its closure and secondly to gain permission and raise funds for the addition of a community hub at the church.  Work to make the church safe and habitable was completed last year with very generous support from, amongst others, the Heritage Lottery fund.  The church has been saved from closure. To make the church a more relevant building for the 21st Century, and to provide scope for additional revenue, the new build will include a dedicated meeting room for the Parish Priest, modern light catering facilities, lavatories and storage.  More details in our leaflet.  This will all cost some £300,000.   We still need about £100k to get everything absolutely finished to support the activities, but with your help and generous support we will close the funding gap in the next few weeks and complete the construction of the Community annex early next year.

December Update

Droxford Church Community Hub and Heritage Project

Restoration and interior works

Our prime contractor, R J Smith, completed the second phase of the Community Hub Project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Friends of Droxford Church (FODC) which involves the repair of the tower floors and the eastern walls of the church, and some drainage improvements.

These improvements are less visible than the first phase (restoring the tower and the south roof) but are no less important to the long term sustainability of the church building.

The contract for the installation of glass screens in the North Chapel area is also now complete and the area has been partially cleared.  This enclosure has created the space for a Community Room and Café in the north chapel.


The Heritage group coordinated by Michael Chandler has made an application to South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) for additional heritage funding and we are delighted to report that our project has been awarded up to £10,000, which complements a similar sum contributed by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The Heritage group held a consultation meeting in March 2017 and the proposals presented to this meeting are displayed in the newly enclosed North Chapel.

Subject to the granting of necessary permissions by the PCC, the Diocese and Historic England, the implementation of the heritage programme in the church could start in early 2018.

For further information concerning the heritage activities please contact Michael Chandler on 01489 878741 or email mjchand110@gmail.com.

Church Community Hub

An Open Meeting was held on Thursday 6th October, to provide an update on the restoration works and plans for the Community Hub. An audience of approximately 50 local people heard presentations by Jeff Hooper for the PCC, Tony Hoile (restoration works), John Symes (project plans and funding) and John Jack (community hub).  The meeting was chaired by Revd Tony Forrest. The presentations were very well received and the audience contributed to an interesting Q and A session before Tony summed up reflecting on the widespread support for the project.

Note: The Community Hub extension to house the kitchen, toilets, storage and administration, is an essential condition of the Heritage Lottery Fund grant, and fund-raising is continuing. The project is supported by Hampshire County Council and has been awarded up to £75,000.

July Update

Bulletin no 8


Our contractor, R J Smith is making good progress with the first phase of the Community Hub Project funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Friends. Visitors will have noticed the scaffolding and fenced area around the west and south sides of the church while the tower and the south roof are being repaired. Additional maintenance work was authorised to repair the dormer windows on the south roof, and this needed scaffolding towers inside the church. Repairs are also being made to the clock and weather vane. A video record of the restoration work is being made by Emma Stock.


The restoration work is expected to be completed by mid October, following which the glazing and conversion of the north chapel will commence in order to create the space for a Community Room and Café in the north chapel. Further consultations will be arranged in the autumn to discuss how to furnish, equip, and use this space. An Open Meeting is planned on Thursday 6th October – so please mark your diaries now.



Michael Chandler is coordinating a small group to deliver a programme of activities which will engage people with the heritage of the church and local area. This group is building on the output from the heritage workstream led by Val Bott in 2015.


Application is being made to South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) for additional heritage funding and the working group has met with three potential suppliers, one of which is likely to be selected to carry out heritage related work in the church and surrounding area. Their proposals include the creation of interpretation panels and signage, and potentially the use of electronic equipment, to facilitate heritage-related displays and presentations. The working group will consider submissions from the three potential suppliers before making recommendations to the PCC.  The SDNPA decision on funding is expected by the end of September, and subject to the PCC decision, further consultations and the granting of necessary permissions by the Diocese and Historic England, the implementation of the heritage programme could start in early 2017.


If you have any questions or comments in relation to the heritage activities please contact Michael Chandler on 01489 878741 or email mjchand110@gmail.com.

Community Hub

Fund-raising is continuing for the Community Hub extension to house the kitchen, toilets, storage and administration, which is an essential condition of the Heritage Lottery Fund grant. We are delighted to report that our grant application to the Community Buildings Capital Fund (CCBS grants) at Hampshire County Council has been successful and we have been awarded 27% of the building costs up to a maximum of £75,000. A full update will be available in advance of the Open Meeting on 6th October.


June Update

Bulletin No 7

Early in 2016, we announced that our application to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) had been successful. A confirmed grant of up to £188,300 has been awarded, bringing the total contribution to the Community Hub Project from the Heritage Lottery Fund to £222,200.

The contractor, RJ Smith started work as planned on 4th April, and visitors will have notice the scaffolding and fenced area around the west and south sides of the church.  The first phase of the urgent work is to restore the batons on the South roof.

Later this year glazed screens will be installed in the north chapel in order to create a Community Room and Café.  Michael Chandler is coordinating a small group to deliver a programme of activities which will engage people with the heritage of the church and local area.

Fund-raising is continuing for an extension to house the kitchen, toilets, storage and administration, which is an essential condition of the HLF grant. As reported last month a grant application is in process with Hampshire County Council to the Community Buildings Capital Fund (CCBS grants) for a substantial proportion of the building costs.  The decision on this application has been deferred until June, and will be critical to the timely completion of the Community Hub facilities and our commitment to HLF.

John Symes – for the Project Management Committee


February/March Update

Droxford Church Community Hub and Heritage Centre Project

Bulletin No 6

We have been informed that our application to the Heritage Lottery Fund (Grants for places of Worship) had been successful. A grant of up to £188,300 has been awarded, bringing the total contribution to the Hub Project from HLF to £222,200.  Together with other contributions and our own funds we have now reached over 50% of the estimated capital cost of the total Hub Project.

What does this grant mean for Droxford Church and the Community Hub?

The PCC can now plan to start work in April on the approved schedule of works for this phase of the project.

Approved Works

  1.   To carry out the urgent restoration work to the church fabric and drainage system as detailed in the submitted application
  2.   To install glazed screens in the North Chapel, with formal approval from Historic England for final proposals, in order to create a community room
  3.   To deliver a programme of activity to engage people with the heritage of the church, to include permanent displays and temporary exhibitions, a printed guide, curriculum linked school resources, and walking and cycling trails.


Contractors have been appointed for the major works which are expected to last 5 months.

Fund-raising is continuing for the capital cost of an extension to house the kitchen, toilets, storage and administration, and as reported last month a grant application is in process with Hampshire County Council to the Community Buildings Capital Fund (CCBS grants) for a substantial proportion of the new building costs.

December Update

Droxford Church Community Hub and Heritage Centre Project

Bulletin No 5

Heritage Lottery Fund – Grants for Places of Worship

Our second round application for funds to carry out the urgent structural repairs to the tower, roof and exterior walls of the Church, has been received by the Heritage Lottery Fund and is under consideration by the HLF advised by Historic England.  Their decision criteria are be based on heritage conservation and also delivery of the community outcomes promised in the application.  The decision will be made by a meeting on 21st December 2015, and if successful, the works could start in April 2016 and are expected to last up to five months.

Hampshire County Council – CCBS Community Capital Grants

The Project has also been short-listed for a Community Buildings Capital Fund Grant from HCC which would be used towards an extension to house the kitchen, toilets and office/storage as described in last month’s update. The key criteria are

  • The provision of open access community programmes/activities from the community building for the benefit of the local community.
  • The impact the capital based project will make to the local community, the organisation and wider society (if appropriate).
  • The local community have been involved in identifying the need for the project and support it.


We shall be consulting widely in the community in the next two months before making a full application in January.  The Rector’s survey of community needs (distributed with this Bridge and available online) is an important part of this process and we urge everyone to complete and return the survey.


For more information on CCBS grants visit: http://www3.hants.gov.uk/grants/ccbs-grants/community-buildings-capital-fund.htm

September Update

Droxford Church Community Hub and Heritage Centre Project

Bulletin No 4


St Mary and All Saints, Droxford’s Grade-1 listed Norman church, is in urgent need of repair. There are some major structural defects: currently the tower is in need of restoration both inside and out. Scaffolding has been erected to brace and secure the outside flints and an exclusion area at the base has been fenced.  The eastern walls need repair, the drainage needs improvement, and tiles on the south roof are slipping. The church was placed on the ‘at risk’ register by Historic England in 2014, and we have applied to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for funds to restore the fabric.


Our project addresses these repairs, and aims to enhance the church to make it suitable for a wider variety of both large and small community events. We will improve the display of our church heritage, and that of the Meon Valley to attract many more visitors to experience the splendour and spirituality of the restored Church building in the South Downs National Park.


Community and Heritage

Discussion with community stakeholders in the village has confirmed the continuing need to use the full capacity of the building for secular and religious events, and also a requirement for a community room in which committees, councils, discussion and social groups, and community service groups could meet in a comfortable, café-style environment. These uses would be complementary to the Village Hall and are being developed in close cooperation with the Village Hall Management Committee.


In addition there is an opportunity for a permanent Heritage Centre to facilitate the growing interest in local history.  In this way the church building can become a gateway for more visitors of all ages to explore and engage with the heritage of Droxford, the church and the surrounding Meon Valley.


Visitor Facilities

  1. Toilets and Kitchen

The biggest hurdle to increasing the use of the church for a variety of community events is the lack of toilets and elementary catering. After extensive consultations, the option which has been approved in outline by Historic England, Winchester City Council and the Diocesan Advisory Committee, is to site the new facilities in a sympathetic extension located over the existing boiler room, with access to the north aisle through a new doorway in an existing window.


  1. Community Room and Cafe in the North Chapel

The North Chapel has recently been occupied by the Organ and vestry cupboards and a small cold-water sink. A key objective of the project is to clear this space, restore its heritage and use it for the benefit of the community. The addition of internal glazing between this room and the chancel will permit the use of the space independently of the main Church. An Activity Plan has been approved by the PCC, and volunteers are being recruited to support a community café modelled on ‘Barnaby’s’ cafe in Swanmore. This will provide useful refreshment and toilets to users of the South Downs National Park and nearby trails (Wayfarers Walk, Meon Valley Trail), as well for parents picking up children from Droxford Junior School. This can also become a source of income to support the maintenance of the Church.

  1. Heritage Centre

Droxford and the surrounding area are rich in history from the arrival of the Saxons and the mission of St Wilfrid, through to the famous meetings of Churchill and Allied Commanders at Droxford Station on the eve of D-Day in June 1944. In June 2014 celebrations of the D-Day events excited both local residents and numerous visitors.  In April 2015 a talk on Admiral Sturdee, victor of the Falklands naval battle in 1914 was well attended. Collaboration with Droxford Junior School will ensure that educational opportunities are not missed. Our project will provide a focus for the heritage of Droxford and the surrounding Meon villages, and support a resource centre as well as permanent and temporary exhibitions.


Current Application to the Heritage Lottery Fund

This application (under the Grants for Places of Worship scheme) is for urgent structural repairs and restoration work to the Norman Church. In October 2014, it was announced that the Project has been awarded a first-round pass by the HLF, including development funding of £33,900.  We have consulted widely – since October three public meetings and four heritage workshops have been held – and we are applying for the full grant of £217,500 in September 2015.  You can follow progress on our websites below.

The HLF require that the project shall deliver community outcomes so that more people, and a wider range of people, will use the church in the future.  We aim to achieve this by developing an active community hub and heritage centre.  Additional funds will be needed to complete the kitchen and toilet facilities necessary to support these activities, and a comprehensive fund-raising plan is in preparation.



Droxford PCC



Friends of Droxford Church


September 2015

May Update                          HLFHI_2747

Droxford Church Community Hub and Heritage Project

Bulletin no 3

HLF/GPOW Development Phase Grant Status

The Development Phase is nearing completion.  Tender responses for the urgent structural repairs were returned in early May for evaluation by the PMC and the Church Architect, Julian Livingstone.  A Faculty for these works was displayed in the church for 28 days during April. English Heritage have been on site during the early investigations and also to advise on locating new facilities (i.e. toilets, kitchen, heritage and storage) including the option of an extension on the North side of the church.



Our heritage consultant, Val Bott MBE, has organised workshops on the Lady Chapel and the presentation of our Heritage. She also made a short presentation at the Open meeting on 26th March. The output from the workshops will contribute to the second round application to the HLF/GPOW scheme to secure the grant for urgent structural repairs, and also to a Faculty application for improvements to the Lady Chapel.

The ‘crypt’ under the North Chapel has excavated. It is planned to make arrangements for viewing the vault during the Country Fair for a small charge.



Community consultation continued with a second Open Meeting held on 26 March. This was well attended and the presentations were well received.  A model of the church building was exhibited, and a draft Activity Plan supported by the PCC and FODC was presented for consultation in the community. Volunteers are being recruited to deliver the activities. (Volunteer forms are available in the church.)

Speakers included Val Bott (Heritage Consultant), Norman Chapman (Deanery Synod), Nicholas Ridge (PCC Treasurer) and Julian Livingstone (Church Architect), followed by a Q and A.


Next Steps

The PCC have a called a public meeting on Thursday 11th June to report on the second round grant application, which we are aiming to submit by the end of June. Updates will continue to be posted in the Church, on our websites, and in the Bridge magazine.


Bulletin no 2

March 2015

Development Phase Status

The Development Phase of our Project is well underway.  All the building and ecology consultants are engaged and the reports and invoices received. Investigations into the restoration requirements are complete and have been evaluated by our professionals and are with English Heritage for their assessment. The beam in the North Chapel has been passed as structurally safe and the scaffolding taken down.  Additional urgent repairs have been identified to the South roof, and English Heritage informed – the cost of these repairs is expected to be absorbed within the Delivery phase grant. Tender documents have been prepared ready for competitive tendering under the management of our Church Architect, Julian Livingstone, and is due to start on 13th March.  English Heritage have been on site during the early investigations and also to advise on considerations for locating new facilities (including toilets, kitchen, heritage and storage) which are being evaluated to support the community Activity Plan (see below).



An eminent heritage consultant, Val Bott MBE, has been engaged. She visited the church in February and developed a revised proposal for her assignment, which is displayed on the church board.  Val Bott has agreed to make a short presentation at the Open meeting on 26th March.

Expert advice has been sought on the conservation of the wall painting fragments in the North Chapel. In February, the ‘crypt’ under the North Chapel was excavated in the presence of archaeologists Michael Chandler and Dick Whinney (DAC).  A brick-lined vault with three lead coffins was revealed under a yard of rubble from the last excavation in 1973.  Investigations are on-going and Michael will be publishing a report. It is planned to make arrangements for viewing the vault in the near future.



Community consultation is ongoing with a second village open meeting planned for 26 March. A draft Activity Plan has been agreed by the PCC and Project Management Team for wider consultation in the community and volunteers are being recruited to deliver the activities. Work is about to start on the Management and Maintenance plan.  These two plans are required for the application for the main grant (Delivery Phase) in May 2015.


Open Meeting

Please mark your diaries for the Open Meeting at 7pm in Droxford Church on Thursday 26th March.  Speakers include Val Bott (Heritage Consultant), Norman Chapman (Deanery Synod), Nicholas Ridge (PCC Treasurer) and Julian Livingstone (Church Architect), followed by a Q and A. See separate notice or visit www.friendsofdroxfordchurch.org.uk.


Droxford Church Community Hub and Heritage Project

Project Management Committee

7 March 2015HLFHI_2747

October Update

The Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded the Droxford PCC and Friends of Droxford Church a ‘first round pass’ for the Droxford Church Community Hub and Heritage Project.  Development funding of £33,900 has also been awarded to help progress the partnership’s plans to apply for a full grant of £217,500 next year.

For the full announcement please click here – Press release 29 Oct ’14 Droxford Church


The Droxford Community Hub Project

June 2014 Update

The application to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a Grant under the Grants for Places of Worship scheme was submitted on 26th November 2013, and was reviewed in March 2014. Although not successful that time we were invited to re-submit the application in May.  We engaged with English Heritage to define the urgent works more precisely, and re-submitted our Application on 27th May 2014.

The full application (9000 words!) can be downloaded as a PDF document from here Droxford HLF Application.

September 2013 Update

The Friends are fully supporting an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund, Grants for Places of Worship, for funds to restore and enhance the Church for a wider variety of religious and community uses. A timetable for this application was agreed with the Parochial Church Council (PCC – responsible for upkeep and development of the buildings) on 23rd September 2013.  See News and Events for full details of the grant application timetable.

Future Strategy for Droxford Church

In addition the PCC have accepted the Report and Recommendations of the Steering Group on the Future Strategy for Droxford Church.

Presented to the PCC on 23rd September, 2013

Steering Group Members:

PCC: Stuart Holt, Alan Hibbert, Sheila
Matthissen, Ann Symes, Paul Harris.
FODC: John Symes, John Jack, Tony Hoile.
Church Architect: Julian Livingstone.

This Report is available for download here.

Application to ‘Grants for Places of Worship’

The application will be made to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), based on the extensive guidance available from the HLF website, and a meeting with their development officer (DO) for the SouthEast:

  • All successful applications go through two application rounds, referred to as the First-round and Second-round. A First Round pass, which can include funding to develop your project, does not guarantee funding to deliver the project after Round Two. Work to be undertaken in the ‘development stage’ between a successful First-round decision and a Second-round application needs to be fully articulated and costed in the First-round application. (The requirements of this process are set out clearly in pages 9 and 10 of the guidance.)
  • GPOW is an open programme with no deadline. Decisions are made 4 times a year by our regional committee. The next decision meeting our application could go to will be in March 2014, meaning our application must be submitted by 29th November 2013.  The entire process of applying for a GPOW project can take around 18 months. 

The General Guidance notes can be downloaded from the HLF website – How to Apply.  Our Development Officer (South East Region) the DO has highlighted the following points:

  • The GPOW programme is very competitive in the South East of England region. Unfortunately we do not have a large enough budget to support all fundable applications. English Heritage is involved in the process to provide HLF with expert advice on applications.
  • GPOW projects must achieve the outcomes below;

                    Outcome for Heritage  – With our investment, heritage will be in a better condition

                    Outcome for Communities – With our investment, more people and a wide range of people will have engaged with heritage.

Background to the Droxford Community Hub Project

In the secular world that is England in the 21st Century we have to look to the widest possible community use for our churches if they are to survive as functioning buildings. Droxford Church has a fine record for weddings and christenings, and the exceptional acoustics make it perfect for concerts and other performing events. The world has changed since the 12th Century and nowadays people expect a degree of comfort when they attend a Service or Concert, or even smaller gatherings such as ‘dropping-in’ for a coffee morning, or attending a committee meeting. People look for the same facilities that we naturally provide guests in our own homes, and facilities such as toilets, kitchen and comfortable seating are essential for all religious and secular events.

The Friends of Droxford Church has been established as an independent organisation with the support and encouragement of the Parochial Church Council (PCC), to realise the vision of this unique building at the centre of our community. The objective is to raise funds for its restoration and development as a community venue, through subscriptions, grant applications, and fund-raising events. Outline plans for the addition of toilet and kitchen facilities have been discussed with English Heritage and Winchester City Council, and members of the Diocesan Advisory Committee have visited the church.  The plans have been modified in the light of comments and there is an emerging consensus that these facilities could be placed over the existing boiler room.  Drawings of these proposals can viewed in our Gallery.

FODC is fully supported by the Rector and the Parochial Church Council, which is represented on the FODC committee. Messages of support for the Community Hub Project have been received from the major stakeholders in our community – Support and Correspondence. Contrary to popular belief the Church of England does not financially support its church buildings and St Mary’s costs some £10,000 a year to run and open daily.  Funds raised by FODC will be held separately from the PCC funds and will only be used for the enhancement and preservation of the church building and its churchyard.  At this time when major repairs are also required to preserve the roof and tower, the coordination of both the fund-raising and the building projects is paramount.

If you, personally, care about the future of our village and the ancient building that is at the heart of it, and you would like that building to continue to serve our community as well as be available for the christenings, weddings and funerals of generations still to come, please join the Friends by clicking here and completing the form on our membership page.