Annual General Meeting

Friends of Droxford Church Annual General Meeting took place in St Mary and All Saints Church, Droxford

on Friday 31st May at 7.30pm.

Record of the Meeting:


1)     Apologies – Michael Profit, Tony Hoile, Paul Harris

2)     Annual Report

The Chairman reported on the progress and activities in the year since the launch in May 2012 highlighting:

  • The support of our community stakeholders (demonstrated in messages now published on our website) for the objective of enhancing the facilities in the church and creating a Community Hub.
  • Successful discussions with the conservation authorities and the Diocese on potential ways of developing the church and adding new facilities. The emerging consensus to place the toilets and the kitchen in a small extension over the existing boiler room. Particular thanks to John Dryden Brownlee for leading these discussions and drawing up the plans which have been continuously displayed in the Church.
  • The emerging need for urgent and extensive repairs to the Tower as well as to the North Chapel roof, which are the subject of ongoing discussion with the PCC.  The submission of a faculty for these repairs and it’s rejection by the DAC, pending the appointment by the PCC of a new Church architect, and the inclusion of the new facilities in a single project with a long term strategy.
  • Decisions on the above waiting for a PCC meeting on 23 June.
  • Major fund-raising events in the church including
    • Talk and Presentation on the St Nazaire Raid (Oct 2012)
    • Angelic Carols Concert, St John’s College Choir (Dec 2012)
  • John Jack’s Cycle Challenge to be launched at the Country Fair on 1st June
  • The FODC website which was enabled by a grant from Hampshire County Council was now active, and Friends were urged to use it to keep up to date.

The focus in the next 12 months would be on Fund-raising and Grant Applications, and initial steps had been taken:

  • An expression of interest (EoI) had been submitted to the RDPE/EU Rural Development Fund via WCC with support from Droxford Parish Council
  • A seminar for applications to the Heritage Lottery Fund was attended.
  • A meeting with the Southdowns National Park had shown potential support for Heritage Centre in the church linking Droxford to the former Station on the Meon Valley trail and the D-Day connection.

 3)     Financial Report

The Treasurer gave a financial report which showed net funds of approx. £10,000, and was approved subject to external examination and publication on the FODC website.

4)     Election of officers and Committee

Current officers and members of the executive committee were willing to continue to serve and were re-elected.

5)     Resolutions

The Executive Committee proposed a rule change to simplify membership applications, and to encourage the widest possible number of supporters to become Friends, by enabling new members to join by opting-in on the FODC Website.

Resolution 1 was passed:  Add the words “…or have opted in to membership through the FODC Website.” to Paragraph 3 (a.) of the FODC Constitution.

6)     Keynote Address

Lord Stoneham of Droxford (Patron of FODC) gave an informal account of his experience of fund-raising.

Droxford, June 2013