AGM 25th April 2019

The 2019 AGM will be held in Droxford Church at 7pm on Thursday 25th April.



(To download a copy of the Agenda, please click here)

  1. Welcome and Apologies
  2. Approval of Minutes of 2018 AGM
  3. Chairman’s report – available for download and review here
  4. Treasurer’s report – available as above
  5. Amendment to the Constitution

The trustees will propose to add the following clause to the existing ‘objects’ of the CIO:

  • To promote activities for the benefit of the inhabitants of Droxford parish and neighbouring districts without distinction of age, sex, race, political, religious or other opinion, by associating the statutory authorities, voluntary organisations and inhabitants in a common effort to provide facilities or activities in the interests of social welfare, for recreation or other leisure-time occupation with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants.


  1. Election of Trustees – Tony Hoile and Peter Richardson are retiring by rotation and being eligible offer themselves for re-election.
  2. Election of Auditor
  3. AOB

Michael Profit (Secretary)